Rick ran down the hallway, opening door after door and finding the same thing: E-Voting machines. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of them behind every door. Getting closer, beeping! Taking his yellow voter card! Crushing him! “Accidently” casting his vote for the Libertarian Party! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Rick woke with a start and sat straight up in his bed, sweating profusely. Once he realized it was only a nightmare, he started breathing again. “It was just a bad dream” he said, laughing to himself. “All I need is a glass of water to clear my head and I’ll be fine.” Rick swung his legs out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. He gulped down a glass of water and stared at himself in the mirror, noting the disheveled look he had come to master over the last few days. He also noted that the magnet on the mirror wasn’t sticking. He pushed the mirror back into place and felt his heart stop. There was a sticker. On his jacket. The very same jacket he had worn that day. It said “detoV I”. He quickly spun around and ripped the sticker off his jacket. “I Voted…” he gasped. “No, I couldn’t have!” Rick dashed out of the bathroom and to the trash can in the kitchen. And there, sitting on top of a pile of junk mail was his empty Starbucks (large) Coffee Cup (Cream, no sugar). The one he had gotten for free. For voting. Rick thought for a moment. Voting wasn’t such a bad thing was it? It was his civic duty, right? Ok, fine, but then who did I vote for? Rick sprinted back to the bathroom and feverishly dug through the pockets in his jacket, looking for the receipt. Ah ha! There it is! He pulled it out and unfolded it, hoping against hope that it wasn’t what he thought-

It was.

“McCain/Palin (Republican)”

Rick turned around and vomited into his toilet. Then he whimpered, fell down and passed out.

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