That’s life

Detective Marvis lifted the yellow crime scene tape and entered the area, stepping over the prone body of their victim, a Mister Robert Clayton, aged 26 from North Brookhaven. The lead investigator gestured him over.
“We got a couple of suspects detective, but I don’t think they’re going to be charged.” Marvis studied the man for a few seconds before responding. “What do you mean?”
“Well uh… see, looks like Mr. Clayton was eating breakfast you see, and then he starts choking you know? On his cereal?”
Detective Marvis nodded.
“So the guy tries to give himself the Heimlich maneuver and ends up falling out his window. SPLAT. Just like that. Poor guy probably didn’t even see it coming.”
The detective thought to himself for a few moments, but the cop wasn’t finished.
“Here’s the crazy thing though. The medical examiner already came out, took a look at the guy you know? Guess what did him in. The cereal. Clayton was dead before he hit the ground.”
And then a light-bulb went off in Marvis’ head.
“Which floor is his apartment on?” he asked.
“Uh, top floor. Hell of a fall you know?” answered the cop.
“No, not really” said Marvis as he went in the back door.
He quickly scaled the five story staircase and easily located the victim’s apartment, covered as it was with crime scene tape and investigators. The detective stepped in, returning the few gestures of recognition the other investigators gave him. A white box on the kitchen table caught his eye. Then he got close enough to read the lettering on the box. Chuckling to himself, he asked one of the investigators to secure the box in an evidence bag. With it, he returned to the alleyway and the talkative traffic cop.
“Hey detective, what’s that?” he asked.
Marvis just handed him the bag as the cop’s eyes lit up with the spark of recognition.
“LIFE cereal? Wait a sec. You mean to tell me this guy choked to death on LIFE?”
Detective Marvis was laughing too hard to respond.

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One response to “That’s life”

  1. Taylor says :

    Irony IS the best policy.

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