Vaughn Decker sat by the window, watching the riots in the street below, enjoying the sight of the yearning masses fighting their fascist regime. He wished he could be out there with them, but it wasn’t safe, wasn’t his time. Not yet, he had a plan. “And every good plan has to wait” he told himself aloud. Decker looked over at his book-bag, still sitting open on his table, half-packed with unlabeled tin cans and rolls of paper. He looked at his cellphone and was surprised to find that it was already half-past noon. Quickly packing the remaining supplies in his bag, he left his apartment and exited the building out the back door into a much less populated side street.
30 minutes later, he rendezvoused with the other resistance members about a mile from the part headquarters. Once everyone had arrived the group left for the objective. Vaughn knew that most of them would be dead by the end of the night, but he didn’t care. Tonight was the final retribution, payback for years of misery and neglect at the hands of the ruling party. He looked over at Irina, the love of his life as they jogged down the dark sewer tunnel. The light from the flashlight played through her hair… he hoped she’d make it. They finally stopped running when they reached a vertical tube leading up to the surface. Vaughn looked at his comrades for a sign of approval. They could turn back if they wanted to, but this was the point of no return. Climbing that ladder meant they were committed. Irina nodded at him that she was ready to go. Though he didn’t show it, this made him happier than anything in his life up to now. The group of resistance fighters climbed the ladder and fought for their freedom…

Nikoli gulped as he picked up the ringing phone.
“Yes Mr. President? Yes sir, we did, all of the rebels were killed. Of course there were casualties. Well, not any in the normal sense of the word. What? Oh, yes. Well uh… sir… they managed to uh… they TP’d the party building.” Nikoli’s subordinates winced inwardly when they heard the loud reply coming out of their Superior’s handset. Nikoli himself was ashen faced and trembling. He swallowed heavily and continued. “I have my men working right now to remove the toilet paper from the from the roof, before it rains.” He had to hold the earpiece away from his head during the response. “There’s one more thing I think you should know sir… they also managed to get a frozen bottle of shaving cream into your official car during the battle. We didn’t discover it until this morning, but the entire back seat is covered in shaving cream. They also sabotaged our tanks in the same manner. Yes, the guards responsible for security have been dealt with.” The pause was marked by a series of three gunshots out in the courtyard and Nikoli continued to listen to the abuse being doled out by the president for another five minutes before he was able to hang up the phone. The office was deathly quiet. None of the subordinates dared to make a sound or eye contact with their superior. Nikoli regained his composure and addressed no one in particular. Trembling, he said “Well, I uh… think I’ll go uh… freshen up then… in the bathroom…” The room continued to be silent, except for the slow footsteps of his boots as he crossed the room. He quickly stepped inside and closed the door. The analysts, deputies and subordinates all heard the faucet turn on followed shortly by a single gunshot and the sound of a body slumping over. The second in command thought for a moment and simply picked up his phone and dialed a three number extension.
“There’s been another one.”


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