Icarus’ Yearbook

Keep reaching for the stars! Miss ya man.
– Odysseus

My dad’s gonna be out of town this summer and he’s leaving his chariot at home. One last joyride maybe?
– Phaeton

Thanks for introducing me to Theseus. He’s a great guy, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get married.
–  Ariadne

Aim for the heavens. You’re sure to make it some day.
– Hermes

Remember all the times we got high? Man you sure loved to get high bro. One day I bet you’ll get higher than anyone!
– Theseus, Original G

One day you’ll go far, young friend. Ride the wind to your destiny.
Have a great summer never change!
– Homer

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2 responses to “Icarus’ Yearbook”

  1. Taylor says :

    For all you philistines who don’t know anything about the WONDERS of CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY:
    Icarus was the guy with the wax wings who flew to close to the sun and his wings melted and he crashed into the sea.
    Phaeton was the son of the sun god Helios. He drove Helios’ chariot (which is the sun) one day and crashed and died.
    Ariadne helped Theseus kill the minotaur in the labyrinth. They had sex a few times and then Theseus left her because he is a straight-up gangster that does what he wants and don’t take no shit from no one. Respek.

  2. Kt says :


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