About Nick

I write a lot. Sometimes what I write makes sense. Sometimes I add it to a really long text file. And sometimes it’s even good enough to post publicly. That’s what you have here.

Of course, I can’t be writing all the time. I’m exceptionally lazy, which is why you can find me at twitter, flickr and on Team Fortress 2 (Ubercharged FTW) if I’m not here. In my day job, I’m a “designer” but that’s not really important. And I’ll never bore you with the details. I promise.


Sometime soon, I’m going to restart the “Choose Your Own Adventure Wiki”, a MediaWiki based collaborative writing exercise. You can take a look at the spam-filled current iteration over here if you want, but that is nothing more than a shell of what was once a great and possibly awesome project. Stay tuned.


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