Table of Contents

Here is a list of the stories we’ve written (might not be up to date):


Mr. Johnson – Mr. Johnson used to come to our restaurant and play dominoes.
Sleep – They say you won’t die from lack of sleep. I don’t know who “they” are though.
Jerk/Chicken – I’d never been a target, so why rock the boat?
This is not about Kurt Cobain (but it can be if you’d like) – The story of an angel who got stuck on Earth.
Fishsticks – My first foray into erotic fiction.
The Ghost of First Methodist Church – A Victoria Falls ghost story.
2 A.M. Isn’t Real Life – This is why I don’t write poetry.
The People’s Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game – “Interactive Fiction,” comrade!
The Suicide Tree – A Victoria Falls ghost story.
Everybody Wants to See the Eyeball Kid – Because he can draw their future.
Cubensis – You’ll know if you’ve been there. Or maybe not.
Of Memes and Men – Google Streetview is hell of creepy.
Pest Control – Forget a better mousetrap, we just need more firepower.
The Story of Sunnyville – The Trickster comes to Sunnyville to shake them out of their rut.
Happy Valentine’s Day I Guess – Fun game: Read the story as if the narrator was a man, then read it as if the narrator was a woman.
The Unvisible Man – Prejudice is a bitch.
The Bright Man’s Burden – For Chuck Richards, intelligence isn’t such a blessing.
The First Time – The first time is always awkward.
Hard Day to be a Cop – Angels are falling out of the sky above Las Vegas.
Danse Macabre – She dances grief she’s never felt.
Devil’s in the Details – Don’t you know there ain’t no Devil, there’s just God when I’m drunk.
Film School Woes – I can’t get rid of the damn tape.
History of the Word Part 457 – You won’t find this in any dictionary.
Tales from an Amsterdam Coffeeshop – People don’t come here for the coffee.
…Then I Don’t Know What Is – When machines fall in love.
Not How I Remember It – A purchase of a new Beatles Box Set goes horribly wrong… (also, part 2 and part 3)
History 616 – Maybe this isn’t the best of all possible worlds, but it sure ain’t the worst.
Still a Lot of Walking to Do – Feel-good hippy musings about the afterlife.
Hyperspaced – Enlightenment may not come from the bottom of a bottle, but faster-than-light travel does.
When We Were Jung – Even archetypes miss the good old days.
King of Hearts – Another take on the Suicide King. Not happy or funny at all.
Icarus’ Yearbook – Too many obscure greek mythology references.
Turns Out Lycanthropy Really is a Curse After All – You can’t fit a human intelligence in an animal brain.
House of Cards – Suicide King and the One-Eyed Jacks.
The Case of the Totally Unnecessary and Gratuitous “Dick” Puns – A leggy broad gives Detective Richard a hard time. If you know what I mean.
How Terminator: Salvation Should Have Been – I really don’t understand why I’m not in Hollywood right now.
Three Sixteen – Bible verses scrawled across the city keep spreading.
She’s So Pop Cultured – Reflections on life, love, and kittens.
Some Things Never Change – After the war, a pair of scavengers find something interesting.
A History Lesson – Earth’s first contact with aliens…
When You’re in Bed, You’re Dead – I don’t sleep anymore…and I don’t think it’s safe for me to ever sleep again.
The Eyeless Man – Oh what kids will believe when their imaginations run wild… (Auf Deutsch)
The Only Therapy I Need! – Someone needs to tell this guy that when people say “Hey, how are you?” they don’t really mean it.
Caught Red Handed – Tom’s wife catches him looking at something on the computer…
Pills – Todd had a problem. He was addicted to pills.
Dead and Dirty in Dubai – An epic (seriously, it just drags on and on) tale of normal folks stuck in Dubai during a zombie outbreak.
Merry Christmas! – Of course kids will still write to Santa after WWIII.
Justice Served! – This is why I can’t write children’s stories.
Rest Stops Aren’t Really Very Restful – What if the graffiti on the doors of bathroom stalls was all part of a giant conspiracy?
God’s Judgement is a Rolled-Up Newspaper – Philosophy through dead bugs.
A Boring Day at the Hospital – A nurse gets an interesting visit from a strange gentleman.


Bug him about it, he’s lazy.


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